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sunlight is the best disinfectant
A little sunlight

is both dangerous and useful ...

TL/DR:James Bryce : 1888 : The American Commonwealth

The conscience and common sense of the nation as a whole keep down the evils which have crept into the working of the Constitution, and may in time extinguish them. Public opinion is a sort of atmosphere, fresh, keen, and full of sunlight, like that of the American cities, and this sunlight kills many of those noxious germs which are hatched where politicians congregate. That which, varying a once famous phrase, we may call the genius of universal publicity, has some disagreeable results, but the wholesome ones are greater and more numerous. Selfishness, injustice, cruelty, tricks, and jobs of all sorts shun the light; to expose them is to defeat them. No serious evils, no rankling sore in the body politic, can remain long concealed, and when disclosed, it is half destroyed.


Maru stands for circle or ship in Japanese.

Maru is also a recurring part of Star Trek, whereby Captain Kirk reprograms a simulator (system) that has been designed to not allow success.

The system is called the Kobayashi Maru :

KOBAYASHI MARU : "The test's name is occasionally used among Star Trek fans or those familiar with the series to describe a no-win scenario, a test of one's character or a solution that involves redefining the problem and managing an insurmountable scenario gracefully."

We think a system that covers up judicial violations of due process and false statements by judges counts as "a test of one's character" and "a no-win scenario" or an "insurmountable scenario" to be managed by the public at large.

We are not finished till sunlight kills the "noxious germs".


JAFO = Just Another F---ing Observer

Historical usage:

Military: Pejorative as in someone who is around paying attention but unwanted by those that someone is paying attention to.

Film: Same thing but for the Police department in Blue Thunder starring Roy Scheider.



Japanese (and English from Japanese) : suffix to Japanese Ship name

Japanese: circle

Famous Web cat : Maru

Famous ship: KOMAGATA MARU : ship of British Indians who challenged purposefully impossible to meet Canadian immigration policies in 1914.  Canada has since apologized.

Famous Starship: KOBAYASHI MARU : Fictional freighter in a Star Trek in a designed impossible to win Star Fleet Training exercise.  Captain Kirk only won by reprogramming the simulator.


Observers of impossible situations that should not be impossible, and, by observance, making the un-winnable, winnable.

Think wave-particle duality for justice, where justice becomes what it was designed to be only when it is watched.

First up...

    • Judge Donald Scott Kurtz - (Kings Supreme) gives a pass to plaintiff:
      • --Utter failure to review documents that premise a motion on a non-existent affidavit, ask for something under a statute that is not available under that statute and cite as support documents that, based on their dates, could not exist when the notice is signed.--Perjury
    • --Fraud
  • --Misrepresentation
  • --Failure to serve attorney any papers whatsoever
  • --Appearance without standing
  • --Noticing litigant to appear in the past
      • Judge Donald Scott Kurtz - (Kings Supreme) refuses, over a period of years :
      • --to provide a NYS State Constitution mandated Court Reporter.
      • --commits perjury about hearing to Appellate Division, Second Department.
      • --lies about what he will do to address litigant concerns to Appellate Division, Second Department.
      • Judge Devin Cohen(Kings Supreme):
      • --says that Siegel's Practice Review is no longer applicable (from Siegel's Obituary):
        • His (Siegel's) extensive practice commentaries for McKinney's Consolidated Laws of New York have been cited by the United States Supreme Court and numerous other federal trial and appellate courts, and they have been extensively relied on by New York courts, including more than 250 citations by the State's highest court, the New York Court of Appeals. David was a former chair and esteemed member of the Chief Administrative Judge's Advisory Committee on civil practice. He authored many articles for the New York Law Journal and the New York State Bar Association Journal, and he was a popular lecturer for that association, for which his New York Practice updates became essential legal education throughout New York.
      • --fails to address jurisdictional challenges
      • --fails to address standing challenges
      • --makes a finding, against all caselaw, that a motion to dismiss (for failure to name a necessary party) is vitiated by an amended complaint, one that doe not address that failure.
      • NYS Supreme Court Appellate Division, Second Department.
  • Judge Reinaldo Rivera - :
  • --Finds that 19 is greater than 26 (and refuses to correct).
  • --Changes word in Appeal brief from Extrinsic to Intrinsic (and refuses to correct)
  • --Retroactively changes docket (nun pro tunc without labelling it as such) so as to forgive perjury by Plaintiff without ensuring, as done in all other decisions labelled "nun pro tunc", that the docket change does not harm other litigants (and refuses to correct).


  • There are two JAFOMARU projects.
  • One is to get the Brooklyn Lyceum due process.  Help them and then help program the Brooklyn Lyceum. (
  • The next is to document this kind of stuff so the judicial patterns are documented and available for others to parse. (